At Finex, our purpose is to offer the values you thrive for while are doing the business and our mission is to solve even the most complex problem you bring to us. We value building lasting relationships with the organisations and the people we work with and the relationship dont just mean doing business but being together with our stakeholders at every step.

Our Objective
Creating an ever lasting relationships with our clients and grow with them
Our Mission
Work with the Organisations through which we can bring a change in this world
Our Vision
Being a trusted advisor for the clients we work with
Abhishek Goel

Abhishek Goel

CA, CS, Advocate, Registered Valuer, CISA, CFE

With over a decade experience advising various Fortune 500 Companies on Regulatory Matters in India, Abhishek is a trusted advisor for the clients when it comes to any regulatory & public policy matters.

Abhishek has been an expert support for the Fortune 500 Companies in India when it comes to dealing with the policymakers.

Being an expert valuer, Abhishek has conducted valuations of complex instruments across the globe.

Further, Abhishek is known for bringing out of the box solution on the table whenever a client faces a trivial situation.  

Abhishek relates himself to social causes and has a not-for-profit foundation where he volunteer towards making the world a better place to live.


Tushar Agarwal

Tushar is a seasoned professional with, investment banking, risk management, and auditing experience. He possesses hands-on managerial expertise in accounting systems development, VAT implementation, strategic business setup and planning with a proven track record of developing and implementing financial and operational controls that improve business performance.

Raj Abhishek Sharma


Raj is a go to person for the day to day client requirements. Having worked with leading accounting firms including BDO, Raj brings the expertise of assurance wherein he has involved into dveeloping the control mechanisms for the large conglomerates.

Raj has been an active participant in various events and holds a good rapport with the clients he works with.

Raj Abhishek Sharma