Startup Services – Advisory and Fund Raising



Startups has remained one of the key contributor in development of technology and supporting the overall economy in the last decade. We have seen 100’s of startups starting with merely an idea becoming a unicorn with a billion dollar fund raise to getting successful listing in various stock exchanges across the globe. Today, startups not only are performing better than traditional businesses but also setting new benchmarks in every aspect of business. For every startup to grow big, alongwith the unique idea, it also requires a smart advisor who can assist the startup to face  every challenge coming to its way. We at Finex believes to partner with the early age and growing startups to help them navigate through the turbulent times and become a part of their success story. We provide various services to the budding startups covered in the ensuing paragraphs.


With our experts havinf detailed knowledge and interest in technology, we are ready to serve you to manage your end to end finance function of your business. We do not merely act as a compliance partner, but we believe to be the part of your success story playing an essential role as a Finance resouce for your business.

With our strong business acumen and our relationship with investors across the globe, we are a right partner to manage your finances. Be it a due diligence or a fund raising by you, we will make sure that your business is adequately supported by the finance function.


With our strong network with various Venture Capital (VC) funds , Private Equity (PE) funds etc., we make your fundraising a non core activity so that our technology wizards can focus on developing new technology. With our experience of raising right from Pre Seed round to Series B rounds, we not just get you finances to run your business but make sure that you get a institution as your partner in your path of excellence.


Compliances has remained one of the lowest priority area for any startup as no founder wish to get into the compliances of the company. We as an expert into the startup ecosystem with our network with accelerators, incubators, VCs, PEs etc. are well equiped with the compliance requirements of any startup. Be it a co-founders agreeement, Employee stock options (ESOPs) or any other compliance, we are there to assist you. 


Managing the relations with your investor has remained one of the very crucial affair after the fund raise. There are many startups which failed even after the fund raising not because they were not able to deliver well but because they failed to manage harmonius relations with their investors.

Our 24*7 expert availability makes your investor relationship stronger and helps you build the successful enterprise.


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