Transaction Advisory Services

Acquisitions and fundraising have become the new norm for growth for Indian businesses houses. Senior Management teams across Indian business houses are continuously focusing on acquisitions, divestment, mergers, join ventures, fundraise (both private equity and debt), re-financing, IPO etc. As they venture into these avenues of growth, various aspects need to be dealt with from a tax, regulatory and business advisory perspective.

We work with Indian business houses through their entire transaction life cycle. We add to their management team’s bandwidth by extending support in areas such as

  • Diligence (vendor diligence, data room management, project manage the Investors diligence teams including providing insights to their diligence issues etc.),
  • Identify potential areas impacting valuation and suitably approach the same,
  • Identify potential transaction structure (critically evaluate the same from a tax, regulatory, business and valuation perspective, maximize tax efficiencies in the structure, discussions with the potential investor on the transaction structure etc.),
  • Support in negotiation to the management,
  • Protecting interests of the management team (compensation re-alignment to market, roles re-alignment, ESOP, lock-ins etc.),
  • Providing inputs on the risk factors identified by the investor/buyer (including contingent liabilities),
  • Capital gains tax planning on exit, planning use of funds realized,
  • Providing structure for potential exit to investor etc.

We extend extensive support in review of definitive agreements such as share purchase agreement, share subscription agreement, shareholder agreement, terms of a non-compete, use of brands, related party arrangements, indemnity structures etc.

Further, we are one of the leading firms in providing inbound investment advisory services. Every time we think of setting up an entity overseas, the first question that comes in our mind is how to start with and how I will undertake the compliance. We generally tend to reach out to our local accountant for help which is most of the cases is not much useful. Despite so many regulatory reforms done by government agencies globally, this remains a bottleneck for any entrepreneur.

With our dedicated team of investment advisors, we solve your problem with not just finding the right country to open an entity but also help you with complete transaction flow. Not only this, we make sure that our clients need not to think even for a second before starting their business in an overseas location. We are always delighted to provide you with the following:-

  • 24*7 support with real-time updates

  •  Resources to do business viz. official address, local director etc.

  •  Free consultation throughout the process

By this, we make sure that our client does the business without any hassles.