Indian Government released the Foreign Trade Policy 2023 with no expiry

FTP 2023

India has reach record high Export Performance in Merchandise and Services Exports during this period. India’s Merchandise and Services exports is expected to cross record USD 760 Billion in FY2022-23. FTP 2015-20 contributed to this illustrious export performance.




– Approach to move from incentives to tax remissions and provide better administration of cross border trade


 – Focuses of the next generations problems including E-Commerce exports, District Export Hubs and streamlining SCOMET policy 


 – Improving timelines for compliances which are currently undertaken in 3-30 days to 1 day under Automatic Route


 – Reduction in user fee for MSME and small business for obtaining various licenses


 – Paperless cross border trade with E-Certificate of Origin, paperless assessment, paperless filings etc.


– Rationalisation of Status Holder thresholds for obtaining Star Ratings.


Read the complete Foreign Trade Policy 2023 here.


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