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Green Hydrogen

Incentives for Green Hydrogen Electrolysers

  • The Govt. of India on 28th June 2023 – Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE – Hydrogen Division) announced scheme guidelines under National Green Hydrogen Mission for “Incentives for Electrolyser Manufacturing”.


  • The scheme is covered under “Strategic Interventions for Green Hydrogen Transition (SIGHT) Programme – Component I with a total outlay of INR 4,440 Crores.


  • The objectives of the scheme are as under:
    • Maximize the indigenous electrolyser manufacturing capacity

    • Achieving lower levelized cost of Hydrogen Production

    • Ensuring globally competitive performance and quality of products

    • Progressively enhancing domestic value addition

    • Supporting established and promising technologies

  • MNRE through Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) will invite bids for competitive selection wherein bidders are required to submit:

    Annual Manufacturing Capacity for which incentive is sought.

    Committed Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) of Electrolyser produced each year for 5 year period.

    Committed Local Value Addition on an annual basis for 5 years.

  • Eligibility
    • The bidder can be a single company or a joint venture  or Consortium of more than one company.

    • Net worth of the bidder as on the last date of Financial Year should be equal to or greater than Rs. 1 Cr per MW of of quoted manufacturing capacity.

    • The beneficiary will have to demonstrate minimum 50% of annual sales of electrolysers for installation of projects in India.

    • Electrolysers manufactured by bidders must fulfill:

      • Specific Energy Consumption <=56 kWh per Kg of H2 production.
      • Guaranteed life of 60,000 hours.
      • Minimum 40% & 30% LVA during 1st Year of Alkaline Electrolyser and others respectively.
  • Incentives
    • The incentives will be based on the INR/ KW being generated
    • The Base incentive will be INR 4,440/ KW for the 1st year and reducing to INR 1,480 by 5th Year. 


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