Finance Act 2021

Attached is the copy of Finance Act 2021 as approved by both houses and received accent of the President.

Production Linked Incentive – an engine to fuel Industrial Revolution 4.0 in India

The government of India has announced in 2019 that it will come with the production linked incentive scheme for manufacturing sector to make India a global hub for manufacturing. Although, the idea of the government was hit by COVID-19 pandemic last year however, the government is now ready to introduce it now. With PLI scheme […]

Budget 2021 – A Gamechanger for The Post Pandemic India

[2021] 123 459 (Article) Date of Publishing: January 29, 2021 India is currently witnessing one of the strongest support from the complete globe which is evident from the fact that the SENSEX reaching mount 50K representing strong investors confidence in Indian economy. India is a global hub for medicine manufacturer and is right now feeding the global demand […]