Karnataka State Incentives for Industry

Karnataka State Industrial Policy - FY 2020-2025

The Government of Karnataka has introduced state industrial policy for years starting from 2020 to 2025. 

Karnataka is a land of immense opportunity and innovation. It is ideally positioned to make the future happen today. The State’s manufacturing process is supported by critical enablers such as: thriving ecosystem, highly skilled and talented workforce, empowering institutional & policy environment; favourable business climate and robust infrastructure. 

Government has taken many initiatives to enhance its stature as one of the leading high-tech industrialized States in the country and is in the forefront of attracting investments from across the country and abroad. As a result, the State ranks 1st in attracting investment intentions since 2016 and has attracted FDI of US$ 37.67 billion during the period April 2000 to March 2019, constituting 9 per cent of the all India FDI. Government of Karnataka comes out with industrial policies at regular intervals of five years to ensure a well-balanced, sustainable and inclusive industrial development throughout the State. 

The State Government had announced Karnataka Industrial Policy 2014-19 read at above for promoting manufacturing industries in the State. This Policy came into effect from 01.10.2014 and had validity for a period of 5 years or till the announcement of New Industrial Policy is announced. During formulation of the New Industrial Policy 2020-25, several interactions and stakeholder consultations were held across the State wherein views, demands and suggestions of industry / industry associations / departments on key areas have been received and intricately incorporated in the policy. The new industrial revolution presents new opportunities for industry, particularly manufacturing and manufacturing-related service industries including smart manufacturing, customization, collaborative production etc.

The focus of the New Industrial Policy 2020-25 is to build on the strengths of Karnataka’s industry and to enable it to fulfill its role as the engine of growth and to shoulder responsibility of adding more hi-tech value and employment.

Read the booklet on Karnataka State Industrial policy for more details of state incentives:-

Karnataka State Industrial Policy

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