PLI Scheme for ACC battery

PLI Scheme Details

  • The scheme provides financial incentive (cash subsidy) for setting up manufacturing facility for advanced battery pack and advance chemistry cells (“ACC”);
  • A cumulative ACC manufacturing capacity of 50 GWh for ACC shall be allocated to selected investors based on techno financial bid (Quality and cost based selection process);
  • Additional incentive for manufacturing capacity of 5 GWh for niche ACC manufacturing;
  • Total incentive to be capped at 20 GWh for a single beneficiary;
  • Incentive not available for conventional battery pack segment as assembly already happening in India;
  • Subsidy to be disbursed once value add and sale of ACC begins;
  • Manufacturing to commence in 2 years time and the incentive will be given over 5 year after manufacturing commences;
  • Expected cumulative capital outlay under the scheme is INR 45,000 crores
  • The scheme will also provide for a detailed testing framework for verifying the performance standards.
  • The incentive would be in the form of Cash Subsidy that shall be disbursed based on overall value-addition on per Kilo Watt hour (“KWh”) basis.
  • The applicant shall submit its bid for the base-subsidy (benchmark subsidy = INR 2000/KWh), which would be available on pro-rata basis upto 100% domestic value capture and for manufacturing of ACCs

Technical Specifications



Energy Density (Wh/Kg) ~ (Specific Density)

≥ 50

≥ 125

≥ 200

≥ 275

≥ 350

Cycle Life










ACC (1/5)

≥ 1000

ACC (2/4)

ACC (2/5)

≥ 2000

ACC (3/3)

ACC (3/4)

ACC (3/5)

≥ 4000

ACC (4/2)

ACC (4/3)

ACC (4/4)

ACC (4/5)

≥ 10000

ACC (5/1)

ACC (5/2)

ACC (5/3)

ACC (5/4)

ACC (5/5)

PLI Scheme – ACC Battery – Gazette Notification



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