PLI for Solav PV Manufacturing


Beneficiaries of the PLI scheme will be selected through a transparent bidding process and will be shortlisted after consideration of the following three parameters:



A) Extent of Integration:


Manufacturers to propose to set up a fully integrated solar PV manufacturing plant using silicon based technology (starting from the stage of manufacturing of polysilicon, to Ingot or Wafer to Solar Cell and Module) or fully integrated thin film technology or any other technology. However, in order to qualify for the bid, the manufacturer will have to promise minimum integration across solar cells and modules.



B) Manufacturing Capacity:


Preference will be given to manufacturers who set up higher capacity plants. However, in order to qualify, the manufacturer will have to undertake to set up a manufacturing plant of minimum 1,000 MW capacity (1,000 MW each for all individual stages included in the manufacturer’s proposal).



C) Minimum module performance:


Manufacturers will have to fulfill following minimum performance parameters:


ØMinimum module efficiency of 19.50% with temperature coefficient of Pmax better than -0.30% per degree Celsius



ØMinimum module efficiency of 20% with temperature coefficient of Pmax equal to or better than – 0.40% per degree Celsius.

Detailed Scheme

Read our below publication for detailed scheme


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